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Earthtone Healing ~ Reiki & Sound

Take yourself on a meditative journey of gentle hands-on energy healing and sound therapy, to promote balance within your mind, body and spirit.

“I felt lighter, more optimistic and content in my body and self after the Reiki session with Maria. I experienced a lot of clarity and inspiration, and the sound bath was amazing. “ Alexis O.

Would I benefit from energy and sound healing?

Yes! Everyone can benefit from the positive, nourishing vibrations of energy and sound. If you're feeling 'stuck' in life somehow, or if you're feeling great, Reiki and Sound Healing will support You, wherever you are Right Now. 

It's true, most people are caught up in a fast paced lifestyle that can create a lot of stress and dis-connect between the body, mind and spirit. This way of living can be draining, and often times will create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. We must find ways to Harmonize.

Energetic and Vibrational Healing sessions are powerful, yet gentle practices that help clear this dis-ease. They restore balance and harmony to a person's entire being.

Reiki and Sound Healing will benefit you if you’ve been experiencing: stress, doubt, pain, anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, worry, grief and/or motivational issues.   

Reiki is known to speed up the healing process, and helps move past obstacles that are holding you back in life.

Everyone has the potential to empower themselves, and if you are having a difficult time moving forward, consider giving yourself the gift of healing. As the world Changes, we need to Change. Obstacles present themselves because something isn’t being understood on a deeper level. If that obstacle is creating dis-harmony in your mood, body and actions, it may be time to consider another approach.

We all deserve time to Decompress, to Reflect, to Be. We are Human BE-ings after all. To Be, or not To Be has been a question for a long time. Which one will you choose?

In Light and Love ~ Maria